Thank you for visiting my website. I guess, you are here, because you want to find answers to your questions, or you have some problems in your life, and you are looking for help . There are many ways to get help or to help yourself. And there is a reason that you are reading this here on my website right now. I want to invite you to discover more about Past Life Regression in Calgary, Ecology of Thought and Two Point Transform.

Past Life Regression – Non hypnotic!

DaniundMike1A Past Life Regression is a spiritual Therapy. it is a method of healing the souls’s deepest wounds.

What is the benefit of being regressed? The reason to do a Past Life Regression is to find solutions to present-life problems. You usually can discover what happened in the past that created your present problems. If we find the source of the problem, we will do everything that we can do to neutralize the cause. You also learn to understand yourself, and others, and that there is always a reason for a problem, nothing happens just randomly. Themes of your past-life regression could be: physical problems, emotional problems, problems with present day people.

There are different methods of Past Life Regression, and it is sometimes hard to find the right Regressionist. Often hypnosis is uses. But there is also the non-hypnotic Past Life Regression method, which I like to introduce you here on my website.

What is a non-hypnotic regression? In this technique we use the clients are co-facilitators. They are fully conscious during the session, and maintain absolute conscious control over everything they choose to remember, and to re-experience. That makes the session safe. The client always has a choice to preview all situations before deciding to experience them.

The technique is based on the non-hypnotic method created by Bryan Jameison in 1968, a Master Past-Life regressionist. He was internationally recognized as a true pioneer in the field of past-life therapy.

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Ecology of Thought

positive thinking, karma, past lives, past life, creating reality
Hey you,
who have been born to create!
This knowledge is for you!
May the Cosmos give you a cue to success!

These days we hear a lot about how it is important to have positive thoughts. You might have learnt this from the book or movie “The Secret”. Lots of different healing modalities say that if you just think positive, then you will change your reality!

BUT the question for most of us is: “HOW can I learn to have only positive thoughts? HOW can I realize my negative thoughts? What about the feelings connected to these thoughts? And HOW can I transform negative thinking patterns? HOW can I learn to think the right way?

Answers you may find with Ecology of Thought. Ecology of Thought teaches you, about our immortality. It is a new level of self-understanding and self motivation. Find answers to your deep questions!

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